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Product name Titanium substrate coated electrode (DSA)/ HZC-104

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    Product Description

     DSA electrode has many advantages over traditional anode electrode due to its strong corrosion resistance and high selectivity of catalytic coating. The surface size of THE DSA electrode is 180×120mm, with a net catalytic coating electrode in the middle and an effective area of 130×70mm, which is conducive to the diffusion of gas on the electrode surface and the enhancement of mass transfer.

DSA electrodeCatalytic componentsUse
      HZC-1041                  Titanium plating leaddioxide   High oxygen evolution potential system
      HZC-1042 Titanium plating ruthenium oxide - Iridium oxide                  The chlorine body
      HZC-1043                 Titanium plating iridium oxide Analysis of low oxygen absorption system
      HZC-1044                    Titanium plating platinum   Low oxygen evolution potential system
      HZC-1045                             Pure titanium                  Auxiliary electrode