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Product name Electrochemical Three-Electrode Testing Cell / HZC-001

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     Product Description

         Electrochemical three-electrode testing cell, which special structure can improve the accuracy of experiment, is a most basic equipment to describe the electrochemical behavior. The diameter of the large and small tube are 30mm and 15mm, the height is 85mm, and the suitable total volume of liquid in it is 50 ~ 90 mL.

      The working and counter electrodes which can be installed in the electrochemical three-electrode testing cell include glassy carbon (GC) and metal disk-electrode, platinum sheet electrode, and GC and platinum wire electrode clamping-fixture. Furthermore, the saturated calomel electrode ( SCE), Ag / AgCl electrode and silver ion electrode can be used the reference electrode in the electrochemical three-electrode testing cell.

Electrochemical Three-Electrode Testing Cell / HZC-002(图1)