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Product name Plate-and-frame Cell/HZC-502

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      The size of the assembled electrolytic cell is 120×110×180mm (the width is subject to the actual size). The material is polypropylene or polytetrafluoron. The two membranes are cation exchange membrane and anion exchange membrane. The effective area of the electrode is 1dm2. It is equipped with circulating tank, magnetic pump, flowmeter and connecting pipeline and other accessories, and the electrolytic cell does not leak after assembly. 

      Under the driving force of the pressure of two electrode cells, the cathode and cation selectively pass through the two membranes into the corresponding cathode and positive cells in the intermediate salt chamber to achieve the purpose of electrolytic synthesis or separation. The electrolytic process of preparing lithium hydroxide from lithium sulfate is described as an example. 


Fig. 1  两膜三室板框式电解槽电解硫酸锂制备氢氧化锂过程示意图

      The close distance between anode and cathode of plate and frame two-membrane three-cell electrolytic cell effectively reduces the ohmic drop of electrolyte, and the effective area of electrode reaction is large, so it can realize the electrolysis experiment with high current density. In addition, the electrolyte of negative and anode chambers flows rapidly, which makes the material exchange quickly and improves the electrolysis efficiency.


Fig. 2 两膜三室板框式电解系统分布图

      Plate and frame type two-membrane three-cell electrolysis cell is the scale of single cell of industrial electrolysis cell. It can be used as the device of electrolysis synthesis and electrodialysis treatment. It is suitable for applied research projects, and can be used to investigate the variable factors such as temperature, concentration, electrode material and flow rate.