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Product name Plate-and-frame Cell/HZC-501

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    After assembly, the electrolytic cell specifications are 120 × 90 × 180mm (width is subject to actual size), the material is polypropylene or polytetrafluoroethylene, the ion membrane is a cation exchange membrane, the cathode electrode is a titanium mesh electrode, and the anode electrode is a mesh titanium Substrate coated electrode (DSA), the distance between the cathode and anode electrode is about 4mm (the thickness of the gasket and membrane), the effective area of the electrolytic reaction is 1dm2; supporting circulation tank, magnetic pump, connecting pipeline and other accessories, the electrolytic tank is not Leakage.

   The electrode distance of the plate-frame single-film electrolysis cell is close, which effectively reduces the ohmic drop of the electrolyte, and the effective area of the electrode reaction is large, so that a large current density can be achieved for the electrolysis experiment. In addition, the electrolyte in the cathode and anode chambers flows quickly It enables rapid material exchange and improves electrolysis efficiency. The electrolyzer system can be used as a pilot test device before the pilot test, and the data obtained has more practical application value.

   The plate-frame single-mode electrolyzer is a scaling of a single chamber of an industrial electrolyzer. It is suitable for applied research topics. It can investigate variable factors such as temperature, concentration, electrode material, and flow rate, and can be used as a research device before the pilot test. Note that the plate-frame single-mode electrolytic cell cannot be used independently, and must be used in conjunction with other equipment (such as a circulation tank).


Fig. 1 Flow chart of plate-frame electrolyzer