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Product name Sealed H-type Cell

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      The types of the Sealed H-type Cell include HZC-9050D, HZC-9050S, HZC-9100D and HZC-9100S. “D” represents double layer, and “S” is single layer, which means HZC-9050D and HZC-9100D can be connected to the external circulating water for temperature control. The suitable liquid volume in both working-electrode room and counter-electrode room for HZC-9050 and HZC-9100 are 50 and 100 mL, respectively. There is a sealed port for measuring temperature and sampling on the upper of the working-electrode room, and the two chambers of the Sealed H-type Cell are separated by Nafion 117 membrane.

      The accessories of Sealed H-type Cell are as follow: 2 glass Chambers, 1 chain clamp, 2 silicone gaskets, 1 piece of Nafion 117 membrane, 3 red cover kits and 2 write sealed plugs, 2 o-rings, 3 conductive columns of electrode, 1 glass gas tube, and 4 gaseous ports for inlet and outlet.

      The electrodes that can be installed in the Sealed H-type Cell include Pt electrode with 99.99% purity (the size of platinum sheet: 10 ×10 × 0.2mm, 15 ×15 × 0.2mm, etc), glassy carbon electrode clamping-fixture, platinum wire electrode clamping-fixture, L-type Ag/AgCl reference electrode and L-type silver ion reference electrode, and so on.

       The Sealed H-type Cell can be used for electrochemical testing study and synthesis experiment in the three and two-electrode system, respectively, such as electrochemical reduction of nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide.

密封型H电解池 / HZC-9050D(图1)

密封型H电解池 / HZC-9050D(图2)