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Product name Ion membrane three electrode test cell/HZC-004

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    Ion membrane three-electrode test cell /HZC-004 Compared with the standard three-electrode test cell, the studio and the auxiliary chamber are separated by a proton exchange membrane in the middle of the channel, and different electrolytes are stored in the electrode chambers on the left and right sides of the membrane. The advantages of the ion membrane three-electrode test cell/hzc-004 are :(1) to avoid mutual interference between the studio and the auxiliary room; (2) Protect electrode, avoid electrode contamination, achieve repeated use. 

        The standard size of the ion membrane three-electrode test cell /HZC-004 is: the diameter of the large tube is 30mm, the diameter of the small tube is 15mm, the height is about 85mm, and the test capacity is about 30~60mL(including the workshop and reference room). The working electrode can be used with disk electrode and working electrode clip (platinum wire electrode clip, glassy carbon electrode clip) of various materials and sizes, as well as SCE, Ag/AgCl and other general water-phase and non-water-phase reference electrode, as well as platinum wafer electrode.