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Product name Electrode holder/HZC-101

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      As the supporting body and conductive connection of mesh and sheet electrode, the electrode clamp itself should be avoided from electrochemical reaction in the system, so as not to interfere with the target electrochemical reaction. Common electrode clips include platinum wire electrode clips, platinum sheet electrode clips and platinum carbon electrode clips. 
       The end of the electrode clip (i.e. the fixed end) of the platinum wire/platinum sheet with 99.99% purity is in contact with the diameter of the experimental sample material, and the mesh and sheet material are fixed by fastening screws; The length of the electrode clamp of platinum wire/platinum sheet is 42-70mm, and the outer diameter of the rod is about 7.5mm, which is made of ptfe.Specific size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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The middle of the glass carbon clip is 2mm glass carbon metal, the length of the glass carbon electrode clip is 42mm, the outer diameter of the rod is 7.5mm, the rod body and the base are made of ptfe material, the specific size can be customized according to customer requirements.