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Product name Reticulated vitreous carbon electrode-RVC/HZC-103

Product details

     Product Description

       Reticular vitreous carbon is a kind of three-dimensional reticular microporous material composed of glassy foam, with void ratio up to 90%-97%, low density (0.03g/cm3), high chemical stability, specific surface area and conductivity, low thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, high structural strength, low resistance to fluid. 
      The reticulated vitreous carbon electrode has a wide application prospect in the fields of organic electrochemical synthesis, electrocatalytic reaction, electrochemical research and so on. 
      Our company purchases RVC platinum carbon electrodes imported from the United States, with pore sizes of 30 PPI, 60 PPI and 100 PPI. Not only support block purchase, but also provide customized processing.