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Product name Microfluidic Electrolysis Cell(Organic system)/HZC-801

Product details

     Product Description

     Microchannel electrochemical reactor has the characteristics of close electrode distance and continuous reaction. The close distance of  electrode can bring the advantages of low voltage, less electrolyte consumption or no electrolyte; Continuous reaction can bring the material does not flow back advantage, so as to realize the product does not excessive REDOX, improve the product yield. In addition, the microchannel electrochemical reactor has the characteristics of accurate temperature control and fast mass transfer. The special REDOX coupling reaction can also be realized under the condition of minimal electrode distance. 
      Product features 
(1) Long residence time, can realize continuous synthesis or processing; 
(2) Reactor controllable temperature; 
(3) Large selection of electrode types and adjustable electrode distance; 
(4) without diaphragm.