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Product name Three dimensional plate and frame electrolyzer

Product details

   Application field

   Indirect electrochemical system, electrochemical water treatment and conventional electrochemical organic/inorganic synthesis system.

  Product features

(1) The electrode material can not only use flat electrode, but also use three-dimensional electrode, such as carbon felt or RVC electrode; 
(2) Ensure that the liquid flows through the inside of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL electrode, rather than through the gap between the frame walls, to fully reflect the high specific surface area of the porous electrode; 
(3) The reaction has no obvious dead volume and the bubbles are easy to be eliminated; 
(4) In the indirect electrochemical reaction system, the concentration of the medium metal can be greatly reduced. 

 Product parameters

             Electrode size                             12cm*12cm*5cm
         Electrode material Carbon felt /RVC/ carbon paper/graphite/copper/nickel
    Effective electrode area             13.5cm2(Calculate with plate electrode )
  Chamber solution volume                                 6.75mL

 Product figure