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Product name Flow gas diffusion electrode electrolysis device

Product details

       The flow gas diffusion electrode electrolysis device has the advantages of small volume, convenient operation and close electrode distance, which can effectively simulate the gas REDOX electrolysis process.  It adopts a serpentine flow channel  and the gas jumps into the electrolyte under pressure, which can effectively improve the mass transfer efficiency of gas and liquid.  With the close electrode distance, it can bring the advantages of low potential and less electrolyte consumption.At the same time continuous reaction can bring the material does not flow back advantage, so as to realize the product does not excessive REDOX, improve the product yield.

Product features: 

(1) The thickness of the studio is ~4mm, and the serpentine flow channel is adopted.  The gas-liquid mass transfer efficiency is high, and the flow channel area is 2*2cm2

(2) The reactor is easy to install and disassemble, the reaction does not leak, the electrolytic liquid is circulated outside, and the flow rate is adjusted by peristaltic pump; 

(3) The electrode distance is close, the reference electrode is independent from the inside of the electrolytic cell, which can effectively reduce the error caused by the electrode distance; 

(4) It can be widely used in electrochemical reduction of C02 and electrochemical reaction system of O2, H2、 N2 and other gases.