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Product name PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production reaction system/HZC-506

Product details

     PEM(proton exchange membrane) is a kind of SPE(solid polymer electrolyte), by the solid electrolyte as electrolytic water electrolyte, no lye, so PEM hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production technology is also known as solid electrolyte hydroelectrolysis hydrogen production technology. The product has the advantages of high purity hydrogen, less maintenance, low cost of hydrogen production, no corrosive liquid, and no pollution to the environment.

     This product uses titanium steel plate as the electrolytic cell matrix, titanium plate as the conductive matrix, water is both the coolant and electrolyte, using PEM proton exchange membrane, can effectively reduce the electrode distance, can also set up multiple groups of reactor, electrode effective area is greatly improved.

      The size of the electrolytic cell after assembly of this product is 42×90×120mm (the width shall be subject to the actual size). It is equipped with 2 sets of 316 stainless steel screw nuts, supporting PEEK gaskets, supporting titanium electrode and PEM electrode, and can be used in 5 or 10 groups of repeated reactor. Supporting glass circulation groove, peristaltic pump, etc.