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Product name Membrane electrode electrochemical reaction system /HZC-505

Product details

     MEA membrane electrode is anode electrode, ion membrane, anode electrode integrated as one of the proton exchange membrane electrode, membrane electrode electrolytic cell commonly used for fuel cells, catalyst testing, can also be used for synthetic electrochemistry or electrochemical wastewater treatment experiments.

     The reactor is made of titanium steel matrix, and the collector plate is made of PEEK material (serpentine flow channel, straight flow channel is optional).

     The size of the electrolytic cell after assembly of this product is 42×90×120mm (the width shall be subject to the actual size), with 2 sets of 316 stainless steel screw nuts, with PEEK gaskets, with DSA or ITO electrodes, stainless steel electrodes and reference electrodes, glass circulation tank, peristaltic pump, etc.